“Brighter Days Are Ahead”: Ralph Pittman apologizes for divorce from Drew Sidora

It’s no secret that marriage is a challenging journey

Ralph Pittman has taken responsibility for his separation from his estranged wife, Drew Sidora. In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, the 40-year-old Pittman apologizes for his part in the divorce and expresses his aspirations for the future.

Pittman acknowledges his deep love for his wife and emphasizes the challenges that come with marriage. He emphasizes the importance of his family and his commitment to being a supportive and strong presence for his wife and children. While he acknowledges the underlying reasons for their divorce, he is currently focusing on self-reflection and personal growth to become the best version of himself. He stands by his response to the divorce petition but sincerely apologizes for his contribution to the deterioration of their relationship. Despite the difficulties, he remains hopeful and optimistic for better days ahead.

In March, Sidora made a series of explosive allegations against Pittman, including claims of infidelity, emotional and financial abuse, and even instances of physical aggression. Sidora had previously shared with PEOPLE her decision to divorce, citing an accumulation of issues that should not exist in a marriage. She expressed frustration with Pittman’s inability to take responsibility, apologize, or work towards resolution. Sidora also mentioned that their marital problems becoming public on camera added to her sense of embarrassment and became a breaking point for her. She acknowledged that she had hoped for an amicable divorce and looked forward to co-parenting and finding happiness in the future.

When news of their separation initially broke, Pittman released a statement expressing the end of their marriage and the importance of their children’s well-being. Sidora later shared her own statement, expressing her decision to release her husband with love and aiming to co-parent responsibly while requesting privacy for herself and her children.

It is evident that both parties are going through a challenging time and are hoping to find peace and happiness as they navigate the process of divorce and adjust to their new lives.

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