“Thriving in Her Fifties”: Real Housewives Star Embraces Health and Empowerment

The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, aged 56, recently had a conversation with PEOPLE about her thriving journey, focusing on her health and overall well-being.

“When I began in this industry, everyone told me that after turning 40, opportunities would diminish,” she shared with PEOPLE. “However, I find my fifties to be a time of thriving. This stems not only from prioritizing my health but also from increased self-awareness and activity.”

She chuckles and adds, “This summer, I decided to spend more time outdoors. Maybe it’s because my children are growing older, but I’m genuinely placing more emphasis on self-care. After all, I can’t support others if I’m not taking care of myself – that’s paramount.”

This commitment has led the actress to join forces with GSK’s THRIVE@50+ campaign. The initiative encourages individuals above 50 to take charge of their well-being, including the awareness of shingles risks.

“THRIVE@50+ aims to inspire people in their fifties to not just exist, but to excel in what they’re doing,” Beauvais elucidates. “We’re encouraging folks to be proactive about their health, to discuss shingles vaccination and similar topics with their pharmacists.”

“In my fifties, I’m embracing opportunities I never thought possible and finding greater happiness,” she adds. “Thus, maintaining good health becomes vital for pursuing these endeavors.”

Learning about the prevalence of shingles, particularly among those over 50, prompted Beauvais to ensure her close-knit circle of friends – her “front row” – remains vigilant about their health as well.

“Amidst our busy lives, these are the people who always have your back,” she reflects. “Your village, your front row, your friends – they’re indispensable.”

“We consistently check up on each other. Have you taken care of this? Have you addressed that? Are you engaging with your pharmacist?” she notes. “These aspects hold significance. If we can share experiences, provide encouragement, and stand by one another, we all emerge victorious. Together, we’re stronger.”

Beauvais now embraces health prioritization by consciously and proactively tending to her well-being. This includes regular doctor’s appointments and preparing pertinent health-related queries and possible enhancements.

As a mother of three sons – Oliver (32) and twins Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas (15) – the reality star playfully admits her health is optimal when she can keep up with her boys and “annoy them a little longer.”

“I feel my best when I can freely pursue my desires without physical hindrance,” Beauvais confides in PEOPLE. “Waking up feeling vibrant, going for walks, taking the boys to school, and meeting friends – these are the moments when I feel youthful, energetic, and ready to conquer the world.”

She concludes with a laugh, “It’s like reliving my twenties, feeling the zest for life and the limitless possibilities it holds.”

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