Actress Linda Haynes, Star of ‘Rolling Thunder,’ Passes Away at Age 75

Linda Haynes, a talented actress renowned for her performances in significant movies like Rolling Thunder, Human Experiments, and Brubaker, passed away on July 17th in South Carolina. She was 75 years old at the time of her passing.

The news of Linda Haynes Sylvander’s passing was shared by her son, Greg Sylvander, in a Facebook post on Friday. He expressed, “It is with profound sorrow that I inform you of the peaceful passing of my mother, Linda Haynes Sylvander, at our home.” He went on to mention the cherished moments they shared during her stay in South Carolina over the past three years.

Continuing, Sylvander conveyed, “As her only child, these moments were ones I had always dreaded. But I find solace in the knowledge that my mother departed in tranquility, having spent her final years embracing the beauty of life with her beloved grandchildren, Courtney Sylvander and I. We will deeply miss her presence.”

The specific cause of her passing was not revealed.

Linda Haynes earned considerable acclaim for her part in the psychological suspense film Rolling Thunder, helmed by director John Flynn. She shared the screen with notable performers including Tommy Lee Jones, William Devane, and James Best. The plot centers on Charles Rane, a former Vietnam War prisoner seeking payback following a harrowing home intrusion. Within the narrative, Haynes took on the role of Linda Forchet, a character whose fate becomes intertwined with Rane’s escalating quest for vengeance.

As per Haynes’ obituary, the acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino once praised her portrayal in the film. He remarked, “Linda Forchet is my preferred female character in a Paul Schrader film. She radiates that Ava Gardner-like essence — you know, a touch of disarray — a quality Ava took years to master, yet Linda Haynes effortlessly personified it. And I intend that as a compliment.”

Born in 1947 in Miami, Linda Haynes embarked on her entertainment career in the early 1970s. She graced television screens with guest appearances on shows such as This Is the Life and My Three Sons. Her cinematic voyage began with a part in Jack Hill’s 1973 Blaxploitation film Coffy. She also took the lead in Robert Mulligan’s 1974 drama The Nickel Ride and featured in 1975’s The Drowning Pool, alongside Paul Newman.

Expanding her repertoire, she explored the horror genre with the 1979 movie Human Experiments, portraying the story of a woman wrongly accused of murder and subjected to electroconvulsive therapy in prison. Her ultimate acting appearance occurred in the 1980 film Brubaker, where she appeared alongside Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford.

Later, she transitioned away from the entertainment industry and embraced a career as a legal secretary. Alongside, she nurtured her passion for art, particularly creating mesmerizing paintings of oceans and nature.

Linda Haynes is remembered by her son, daughter-in-law Courtney, and two beloved grandchildren, as her surviving family.

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