Kellie Pickler Speaks Out and Expresses Gratitude to Fans Following the Passing of Husband Kyle Jacobs

On February 17, the world mourned the loss of Kyle Jacobs, a gifted songwriter, vocalist, and musician, who sadly took his own life at the age of 49.

Country star and radio host, Kellie Pickler, expressed her gratitude to fans for their unwavering support during this challenging time. She shared a poignant lesson her late husband imparted to her: in moments of crisis, sometimes the best course is to “do nothing, just be still.” She chose to embrace this wisdom, thanking her family, friends, and supporters for the heartfelt letters, calls, and messages that have provided solace during her darkest hours. As many have shared their thoughts and prayers, Pickler deeply appreciates the outpouring of compassion.

Pickler also revealed her plans for a private memorial service in the upcoming fall, aligning with her late husband’s wishes. In her message signed “Love & Blessings, Kellie,” she conveyed her commitment to honoring Kyle’s memory.

A subsequent autopsy report, obtained in May, disclosed that Kyle Jacobs’ cause of death was rooted in a complex medical history. Toxicology results demonstrated no presence of drugs in his system, yet his history included pseudoseizures, gastrointestinal bleeding, elevated liver enzymes, and chronic alcohol use. Pseudoseizures, or psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), are non-epileptic attacks triggered by psychological factors.

The Nashville Police Department confirmed that on February 17, emergency services responded to a residence alert, finding Jacobs deceased. Pickler had awakened shortly before, unable to locate him. She and her personal assistant sought help when they couldn’t access a particular room in the house.

Pickler and Jacobs shared a deep bond, their love story marked by a surprise wedding on January 1, 2011. Although they didn’t have children, their connection remained profound. The couple’s journey began in 2008, culminating in an engagement on a Florida beach in 2010.

Pickler spoke of their collaborative work in the music industry. Jacobs, her producer and partner, was instrumental in shaping her creative endeavors. Their musical collaboration began shortly after their initial meeting, but it was her single “Feeling Tonight” that showcased their studio teamwork. Pickler marveled at Jacobs’ talent and his successful work with other artists.

“Feeling Tonight,” co-written by Sarah Buxton, Josh Osborne, and Jimmy Robbins, captured the essence of summer love. Co-produced by Jacobs and Matt McClure, the song held special significance for Pickler, embodying the romance she shared with Kyle.

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