“The Lesser-Known Disorder”: Understanding Robbie Williams’ Lifelong Struggle with Self-Image

When 47-year-old Robbie Williams appeared in his tours and concerts, people noticed a big change in his looks. He had lost a lot of weight and didn’t look like himself anymore.

Before, Robbie was thinking about getting plastic surgery around his eyes. But in the new pictures, he looked worse than before, which made fans think he didn’t choose a good doctor for the surgery.

Robbie always felt bad about his eyes looking sunken, and he wasn’t confident about how he looked. That’s why he wanted to try cosmetic surgery. He’s planning to grow his hair out to make himself look less thin and unhealthy.

In case you don’t know, he has a condition called body dysmorphic disorder. This means he pays a lot of attention to how he looks and worries about every little wrinkle or flaw.

He can’t stop thinking that he’s ugly and can’t do anything to change it, which is really sad. Even after getting cosmetic surgery, he still believes he’s not good-looking, handsome, or attractive.

This is a problem he’s been dealing with his whole life.

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