“Discovering the Hidden Amy Winehouse”: Exclusive Insights from Family’s New Book with Rare Photos and Notes

Amy Winehouse was a special singer. Her family, including her dad, mom, and brother, are sharing parts of her life in a new book for her fans. This book, called “Amy Winehouse: In Her Words,” will have things like her personal to-do lists, poems she wrote to loved ones, and pictures from her childhood. It’s coming out on August 29th, just before what would have been her 40th birthday.

Amy Winehouse was born on September 14, 1983. In some of the pictures in the book, you can see her as a baby with her mom. She was a normal kid from North London who did normal kid things, like going to drama class and loving her family.

The book has never-seen-before photos, things she wrote in her journal, and handwritten letters and poems. Amy seemed like a fun kid, even when she was little, like playing hide and seek in a laundry basket or smiling on a playground slide.

Amy had curly hair and a big smile. There are pictures of her and her brother, Alex, in their school uniforms. In some photos, she didn’t follow the rules, like looking away from the camera while her brother posed.

Amy didn’t like school much. Her parents said she was smart but couldn’t sit still or focus. She was a kind friend who saw the best in people.

Amy loved movies, music, books, and poetry. She even got inspired by her family and friends in North London. Music was a big part of her life, from jazz to musicals and Jewish songs.

Amy was a careful planner. She made lists for everything, like what she wanted to buy or do when she became famous.

In one picture, Amy and her dad, Mitch, are joking about him managing her.


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