“Inside the Musical Friendship”: Taylor Swift at Jack Antonoff’s Wedding with Margaret Qualley

Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff are great friends who also work together in the music industry.

Taylor Swift wore a light blue dress to Jack Antonoff’s wedding in New Jersey. They’ve known each other since 2012 and share a love for the band Yazoo.

They started collaborating when they co-wrote and co-produced “Sweeter Than Fiction” for a movie soundtrack. Later, Antonoff helped produce songs on Swift’s first pop album, “1989,” which won a Grammy Award.

In 2017, they worked together on Swift’s “Reputation” album, and in 2019, on “Lover.” They also teamed up for her surprise albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” in 2020.

When Swift re-recorded her albums, she had Antonoff help with some of the songs. She also confirmed his involvement in her 10th studio album, “Midnights.”

Antonoff credits Swift for helping him become a recognized producer. She was the first big artist to believe in his work, which jump-started his producing career.

In a recent interview, Antonoff mentioned that many people were hesitant to trust his producing skills until Taylor Swift recognized his talent, especially with their collaboration on the song “Out of the Woods” in 2014. This gave him the opportunity to prove himself as a producer

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