Power Outage During Hurricane Idalia Live Broadcast Goes Viral

A weather reporter became famous after a hurricane named Idalia caused a part of Chiefland, Florida, to lose electricity while he was doing a live broadcast.

On Tuesday evening, a reporter named Forrest Saunders from WTXL-TV was on live TV talking about the hurricane. His camera person caught something amazing.

While he was talking about the storm and the strong winds, Hurricane Idalia, which was a category 4 hurricane, suddenly caused the area to go dark during the night.

Mid-sentence, he exclaimed, “Power’s gone!” He swiftly added, “If you can’t see me, my apologies, but that just occurred.”

The sole source of illumination emanated from the passing headlights of a car. A handful of streetlights and what appeared to be a distant gas station were the only visible sources of light, a stark contrast to the well-lit environment he had been in just moments earlier.

Saunders provided live updates as he continued, “I can see some alarms going off in various parts of the town. The power outage in this section of Chiefland is due to the incredibly strong winds,” he elucidated, noting that traffic lights remained operational in the more distant areas.

Elizabeth Copeland, a meteorological expert from the news station, uploaded a snippet of the video to Twitter, commenting, “This is our reporter covering the storm conditions in Chiefland.”

Later on, Saunders shared a video on his Twitter feed, capturing the flickering lights during Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference on the hurricane.

DeSantis said, “And it’s gonna be very, very dangerous,” as some lights went out. Then he said, “And there we go with our power here.” The lights came back on a few seconds later.

DeSantis also talked about a big tree falling near the Governor’s Mansion where his family was. He said his family was okay.

Following Hurricane Idalia’s impact in Florida, one weather-related fatality was documented. The initial casualty was a 59-year-old male in Gainesville, who tragically collided with a tree due to the severe rain, as reported by the Florida Highway Patrol to ABC affiliate WCJR-TV, The Orlando Sentinel, and Fox affiliate WOFL-TV.

Approximately 15 minutes later, another incident unfolded when a 40-year-old man crashed into a tree on St. Joe Road in Pasco County. According to the FHP, he was driving at an excessive speed given the adverse road conditions, as conveyed by WOFL-TV, The Sentinel, and NBC News.

But later, EMS director Andy Fossa told NBC News that the second accident wouldn’t be counted as a hurricane-related death. He said the weather wasn’t very bad when the man was driving, and he crashed on a curvy and slippery road. First responders got to him quickly, so it’s considered a traffic accident, not a storm-related death.

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