Doctor Clears Mitch McConnell of Seizure or Stroke Concerns After Press Conference Freeze

Mitch McConnell’s doctor says there’s no proof that the Senate minority leader had a seizure or stroke during another recent moment when he suddenly stopped speaking during a press conference.

In a letter dated September 5th, Dr. Brian Monaghan, the doctor for the U.S. Congress, says that the 81-year-old McConnell got checked after the “short episode.” The examination included MRI scans, a study of brain activity, and talks with neurologists.

The letter to McConnell states that there’s no sign of a seizure, stroke, or other brain issues like Parkinson’s disease. It also mentions that there are no changes needed in his treatment for his recovery from a fall in March 2023.

This letter comes after the second time this summer that McConnell stopped speaking abruptly during a press conference.

In the first incident in July, his colleagues gathered around him when he froze. They asked if he wanted to go back to his office. Eventually, he returned to the podium and answered questions.

A month later, he froze again when a reporter asked if he plans to run for reelection in 2026. An aide repeated the question for him.

Both of these incidents happened after McConnell spent nearly five days in the hospital following a fall in March. At that time, he had a minor rib fracture and a concussion.

In November, McConnell won the Senate GOP’s leadership election, keeping his position as the longest-serving leader, which he’s held since 2007. His current term is set to end in January 2027.

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