Russell Brand Refutes ‘Criminal’ Claims Linked to His Behavior in Recent Video

Russell Brand is saying that he’s being accused of serious crimes related to his past behavior, which he described as being very active romantically.

In a video he posted on social media, Brand, who is 48 years old, strongly denies these allegations. He says they are extremely severe and aggressive attacks.

He received two disturbing messages, one from a big TV company and one from a newspaper, but he doesn’t mention their names. There’s going to be a special TV show about this on Saturday night, and some hints were given on social media by a presenter named Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Brand then talks about when these allegations are from. It’s during a time when he was very well-known and active in the media. He was in many relationships during that time, but he says they were all consensual.

He’s always been open about his past behavior, and he still is. He denies that any of it was criminal.

Brand believes that mainstream media doesn’t like his opinions and might be trying to control what he says.

He doesn’t want to talk about this more because it’s a very serious matter. He mentions that there are witnesses who disagree with the stories being told by these media outlets.


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He concludes by saying they will investigate this seriously. He asks people to stay informed and free.

Representatives for Brand haven’t responded to requests for more comments.

There’s a 90-minute TV show investigating this on Channel 4. It will air on Saturday and replay on Sunday. But we don’t know what exactly it will say about these allegations yet.

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