Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Aging and Highlights the Transformative Power of Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence talked openly about getting older in a chat with Kylie Jenner for Interview magazine. The 33-year-old actress discussed how her use of makeup has changed with age. She mentioned her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, who is skilled at using makeup to enhance features. People started thinking she had eye surgery because of his makeup techniques.

Lawrence explained that as she grew up in the public eye, she faced comments about her appearance. She began her career at 19, and she notices changes in her face from 19 to 30 due to aging. She clarified that she didn’t have a nose job; her face changed naturally.

Kylie Jenner also shared her experience with makeup as she grew older. She mentioned how people wrongly compare her younger and current photos, thinking she had surgeries. She admitted to getting lip fillers but emphasized the impact of makeup on her appearance.

Jenner discussed the start of Kylie Cosmetics, her makeup brand. She and her mom, Kris Jenner, had no experience in creating a makeup line, but they took on the challenge. Despite doubts, they worked hard to make the brand successful, starting with lip kits. Jenner recalled it as the best time of her life.

In simple terms, Lawrence and Jenner chatted about how makeup can change perceptions of appearance, how they’ve faced comments about their looks, and the journey of creating successful makeup brands.

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