Rachel Lindsay Opens Up About Marriage Struggles with Bryan Abasolo: A Candid Look into Career Clashes and Private Moments

Rachel Lindsay recently said that she and her husband Bryan Abasolo had some tough times just before he decided to end their marriage. Abasolo, who is 43, filed for divorce in Los Angeles after four years of marriage.

A few weeks before this news, Lindsay, who is 38 and was the Bachelorette, talked on a podcast about how she and Abasolo were not always on the same page. Lindsay works as a podcaster, TV host, and author, while Abasolo is a chiropractor.

Lindsay mentioned that they were living very different lives due to their careers. Abasolo works on his own, leaves the house at 8 AM, and comes home late at night. Lindsay, who now has more free time since she’s not doing Extra anymore, goes to events and is busy hustling for a second job.

She explained that they are in two totally different places, making it hard for them to spend much time together or share what they are doing. Lindsay said they don’t work well together, and she accepted it for the sake of their relationship.

Fans wondered why Lindsay and Abasolo didn’t share much about their relationship on social media. Lindsay explained that they prefer to keep things private, only sharing an occasional post for anniversaries or holidays. She wants to protect their marriage, and despite the ups and downs, she chooses not to share everything publicly.

In the interview, Lindsay also revealed that they were trying to have a child, but it was proving to be a bit challenging. The couple met on The Bachelorette in 2017, got engaged during the season finale, and were married for four years before filing for divorce. The reason listed for the divorce was “irreconcilable differences.”

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