Bradley Cooper Recalls Taking Carey Mulligan to Emergency Room in Their Memorable First Meeting

Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper shared a surprising story about their first meeting on The Graham Norton Show. Cooper mentioned that Mulligan was in a one-person play, and he noticed something was wrong. Mulligan explained that during the show, a set piece hit her on the head. Although she continued performing, she broke down afterward, fearing something was seriously wrong. Cooper took her to the emergency room, much to the surprise of the hospital staff.

In their Netflix movie Maestro, Mulligan plays Felicia Montealegre, and Cooper plays Leonard Bernstein. Mulligan also revealed a funny incident during filming when she fell ill, and doctors were skeptical about her pregnancy because of the prosthetics she wore to appear older. Despite being 12 weeks pregnant, the doctors couldn’t believe it because she still looked 57.

Cooper, nominated for Best Actor, shared that he used prosthetics to age from 24 to 67 in the film, affecting the pace of filming. On days he portrayed a younger character, he was energetic and moving around, while older scenes required slower filming due to the makeup transformation.

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