“Family Adds Tiny House for Teens”: A Cozy Space Right Outside Home

The Dolenc family built their dream home, the “Kicsi Casa,” 19 years ago on a small piece of land they call a “farm-ette.” They have goats, chickens, and rabbits, and their home has a pond and a lovely garden.

As their three kids grew into teenagers, the family realized their home wasn’t spacious enough. Instead of moving or making their house bigger, they decided to add a tiny house. They worked with Simblissity Tiny Homes, spending around $67,000 for the design and build.

The parents, Brett and Kristy, asked their daughters, Lucie and Marin, to personalize their new tiny home. They wanted their teens to have privacy but still be close. The plan is that, in a few years, the tiny home can become a guest room, an office, or a mobile home for their kids.

The project took about six months, and the tiny home is now connected to the main house for easy access. Lucie and Marin each have their own room with a composting toilet and a nice shower.

Lucie faced a challenge with storage in her tiny room, so she used the space under the stairs for closets. She has a loft bed that may not allow much sitting room, but she finds it cozy. Marin chose a ground-level room with windows overlooking the farm.

Above Marin’s room is a loft for hanging out and reading. There are cushions that turn into beds, perfect for Lucie’s friends when they visit.

Brett mentions that his daughters jokingly threaten never to leave home. The family shares responsibilities, and the kids love being part of the farm life, doing chores and caring for animals.

During the pandemic, the Dolencs opened their farm to neighbors, offering a “Covid relief goat therapy.” People could relax on the farm-ette, surrounded by nature and animals.

With their beautiful farm, lush trees, and relaxing pond, the Dolencs’ home feels like a paradise. You can watch the tour below and share it with your family and friends.

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