“Unassuming Exterior, Stunning Interior”: The Surprising Elegance of an Old Farmhouse

In Nashville, Tennessee, there’s an old farmhouse near a plantation house that has caught a lot of attention. Terry Jo and David Bichell bought it and wanted to make it nicer while keeping its old charm.

They changed the inside to make it really nice and cozy. The big room has a ceiling window to let in natural light, and the white walls make it feel open. There’s a ladder that goes up to a loft in the house.

All the furniture and decorations are simple but make the inside feel comfy. The main bedroom is simple and breezy.

The kitchen has really modern and shiny appliances, not like what you’d expect in an old farmhouse.

Up the ladder in the big room, there’s a loft with a couple of beds for kids or guests.

Even the bathroom looks nice and clean!

The outside of the house is like a real farm, with chickens and horses to feed. All the food in the house is organic.

Before, you could rent this farmhouse on Airbnb, but Terry Jo stopped renting it in July 2016 because of new rules in the area.

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