Grandma’s Stylish Renovation: A Surprising Transformation

What a cool renovation by grandma!” 🔥 Everyone laughed at the older woman when she decided to renovate herself, but no one expected such a result 😲🤗 Stunning, see here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

As this woman’s children started their own families and began to live separately, she decided to buy an apartment and renovate it to her liking. So she found an apartment she liked and decided to buy it, becoming the owner of an apartment in a prefab building.

This apartment had not been renovated for almost 20 years, and the woman wanted to bring everything up to date. To redesign the space, she hired a professional designer who made her dream come true. You will be delighted with the result!



The apartment owner immediately agreed to use bright colors in the apartment. For the hallway, a rich berry tone was chosen because it is ideal for a walk-through space. Right at the entrance, a small stool and a mirror were placed, along with a practical storage system.


The cabinets in the kitchen were chosen in a lighter shade, and the walls were painted in a delicate pink, giving the kitchen a cozier look. All household appliances were selected according to the woman’s taste. In the corner of the room, a round table with a few chairs, also in berry color, was placed.

Living room and office

A glass wall was installed between the corridor and the living room, which can be covered with curtains. Since the owner sometimes works from home, it was right to choose a workspace by the window. To the left of this area at the entrance, a large sofa was placed, which can serve as a sleeping place for guests.

Bedroom Now let’s move on to the master bedroom. Bright and warm colors were chosen for this room, creating a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Storage space is on the left side, and a spacious bed is in the middle. Opposite the bed, a television was installed, complementing the room’s decor. A stylish armchair was also placed here, inviting relaxation with a book.


The woman decided to combine the bathroom and toilet to make the space more generous. She used three different tiles and even chose a berry accent color here. Instead of a traditional bathtub, she chose a shower cabin, next to which a washing machine was placed.

We are curious about your comments! How do you like this grandma style? Would you live in this house?

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