A man has transformed a run-down public toilet and caught everyone’s attention with the result

My husband was fed up with the old, miserable toilet in our dacha and transformed it beyond recognition! 🚽😬 No one thought he was capable of it, but he showed the end result and left people speechless! 🤩👏 See the amazing transformation in this article! 👇

It is important for people in their homes and dachas to have all communication and utility facilities such as running water, gas, and electricity. In today’s article, we’re talking about a family that bought a small dacha with a small garden, a summer kitchen, and a terrible toilet that made entering the dacha even scarier.

The husband had had enough and decided to change it beyond recognition. Even though it was still outdoors, its appearance made the space more inviting.

The base of the toilet was built from boards and blocks, which they then painted. The roof is made of sheet metal, which was also painted later. The door is made of plywood, and the couple attached an old doorknob to it. The cabinet was also found at home.

Now the couple rests there more often and finds it to be an ideal spot for family vacations and special occasions. They are no longer ashamed of their former, miserable-looking toilet.


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