Builders Demolish Driveway Due to Payment Dispute with Homeowner

Watch as tensions escalate when builders take drastic action over unpaid bill! 😱 Read the full story to find out what led to this dramatic showdown!

Two Australian workers were caught destroying a driveway they built, saying they didn’t get paid enough. Damian Hallett and Jamie Sommerville from Clare in South Australia wrecked their own work using a bulldozer and tools because they claimed the homeowner only paid $10,000 of their $13,500 bill and refused to pay the rest.

The two men run a business called Clare Concreting. They said they didn’t approve of what they did, but felt they had to because the homeowner didn’t pay them the full amount.

Videos shared on Instagram show police arriving and asking the men to talk to the homeowner instead of destroying the driveway. The homeowner pleaded with them to stop, but the workers didn’t listen.

In one video, the homeowner approached them, and Hallett said he was going to rip everything out. When the homeowner asked them to stop, Hallett said he didn’t care and would continue unless he got paid the remaining $3,500.

After a lot of arguing, the police got involved and told the homeowner he needed to pay the workers the $3,500 he owed them.

Later on, Hallett said on Instagram that the homeowner paid them the rest of the money with the help of the police.

However, the homeowner disagreed with this version of events. He said he was at home with his daughters when he heard the workers destroying his driveway. He called the police, but they said they couldn’t do anything about it.

Feeling pressured, the homeowner paid the remaining money to stop the workers from causing more damage. But he claimed he had already paid $30,000 for the work and still had issues with the job not being finished properly.

He also received racist abuse online and had strangers coming to look at the damage, which made him and his kids scared.

Clare Concreting offered to fix the driveway and finish the remaining work, but the homeowner refused and is now seeking legal advice.

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