Man Returns to Home After 30 Years, Discovers Occupants Redecorating Without Permission

🏠😱 Homecoming shock! After 30 years, he walks into his house to find strangers redecorating. Can you imagine the drama?

Imagine coming home and finding someone else living there. It’s like a weird nightmare.

For one man, it was a total nightmare. Reverend Mike Hall bought a house in Luton in 1990. But after over 30 years, he discovered that someone else had sold it without his permission for £131,000.

Hall was working in north Wales when his neighbors told him that someone was in his house with all the lights on. When Hall returned to Luton, he found a new owner doing construction work on the house.

BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours investigated the situation. Hall described his shock: “I tried my key in the front door, it didn’t work and a man opened the front door to me – and the shock of seeing the house completely stripped of furniture, everything was out of the property.”

It turned out that someone used a fake driving license to pretend to be Hall. They set up a bank account to receive the money from selling the house.

Recordings obtained by the radio show revealed someone pretending to be Hall instructing solicitors to sell the house.

Even after two years of legal battles, Hall’s name was finally listed as the owner of the house in November 2023.

But the nightmare didn’t end there. After not visiting the property for two months, Hall found a new problem.

He showed up with a builder to make plans for the house, only to find a broken window at the back and the front door’s lock damaged.

Hall suspected that squatters had moved in, as the curtains were closed, lights were on, and the boiler was being used.

The house had suffered about £60,000 worth of damage. Bedfordshire Police advised Hall to go back to court for an Interim Possession Order to enable the arrest of the two people believed to be squatting.

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