Charming Family Home Near College Campus

😍 Step inside and feel the warmth of history come alive as you explore its cozy nooks and charming details. 🏡

This lovely house is located at 614 E Broadway, Monmouth, IL 61462, very close to the college campus. The owner fixed it up nicely for their family.

The house is big, about 3,327 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Inside, the main floor has a big living room that connects to a cozy den. There’s also a fancy dining room with beautiful hardwood floors and a nice buffet.

The kitchen got a makeover to make it look old-fashioned, with a vintage stove and a special fridge. Next to the kitchen is a big pantry. Down the hall is a small bathroom.

When you walk in, you’ll see a nice staircase leading upstairs. Upstairs, there’s a hallway that goes to the bedrooms and a bathroom with a classic tub and shower. There’s also a washer and dryer.

Two bedrooms share a bathroom. There’s lots of storage space in the attic, where one of the heating units is kept.

The best part is the big garage attached to the back of the house. It fits two cars and the yard is big too. You should come see how nice this house is!

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