The groom ran away a few days before the wedding. Here’s what the bride’s parents did

This wedding ended without even starting. The reaction to such a turn of event may be different, but the bride’s parents made an unexpected decision.

Quinn and Landon started dating in 2011, and in April, 2014 they got engaged. The lovers decided to get married and even chose the date of their wedding – 17 Oct, 2014. They ordered a wedding hall in a prestigious hotel, invited 120 people and spent $35,000 on the organization of the wedding. However, a couple of days before the ceremony something unexpected happened – Landon decided to cancel the wedding and literally “ran away” from Quinn.

After a family council, the girl’s family made an even more surprising decision. The Dwain family didn’t cancel the booked hall. Instead of all the invited guests, they invited homeless, poor people in need. Not everyone would come up with such an idea.

Quinn’s parents attended the dinner party without their daughter, as she was having a hard time after the cancellation of the wedding.

Everyone present there was very grateful to the Dwain family for their kindness.

The guests were given steak, dishes with salmon, expensive salads, and all kinds of festive dessert.

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