Julia Roberts’s children already grown up

This lovely woman, Julia Roberts, is famous in the whole world as a talented, very successful and an amazing Hollywood actress. Apart from being a famous actress, she is also a loving mother.

For many of us she is a favorite celebrity. Julia has three adorable kids – Hazel and Phinnaeus, who are twins and Henry Moder (younger son).

According to social media, Hazel is now a private school student in Los Angeles. She is a bright girl, and just loves to study. The girl has also tried out her mother’s acting talent, and starred in a few movies. However, her dream is to become a model.

What concerns to her twin, Phinnaeus hasn’t yet decided what he wants to be in the future. Julia’s younger son will probably start a career as a singer. He is already doing hi first steps in this field.

Being a great mom, Julia doesn’t let her children have social media accounts, so they are mostly safe from paparazzi shots. However, they still managed to take a few pictures of Roberts’s children.

Recently, the beloved father of the family has posted a photo capturing it “The beautiful mom is in the center, we love you so much”.

And on the Mother’s Day, our successful and favorite actress posted a family photo on her social media account.

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