Polish world champion and Olympic medalist sold a medal to save a child

Piotr Małachowski is the Polish discus throw world champion in 2015 and a two-time silver medalist. After the Games in Rio de Janeiro, a mother approached him. Her child had cancer. She told the champion her story. In order to save the child, expensive treatment in New Your was required, but the woman had no money.

Piotr, surely, decided to help the woman. According to KP magazine, he sold his silver medal in auction for $126K, and gave all the money for the child’s treatment.

Piotr calls on everyone, who has the opportunity, to help those in need.

“Thank you, everyone, who took part in the auction. We managed to show, that together we can work miracles. Today, my silver medal costs much more, than last week. It costs the life and well-being of a little child”, wrote Małachowski on his Facebook page.

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