The tiniest baby in the world was born only 268g in weight!

The smallest baby in the world was discharged from the Keio University Hospital in Tokyo. The boy was born last year in August and weighed 268g. Over the past months, the baby has gained 3kg and is able to eat breast milk. Doctors decided to discharge him, as he was properly developing, and there was no need for him to stay in hospital.

Because of fetal anomaly the baby practically didn’t grow, so it was decided to carry out a caesarian section at the 24th week of pregnancy. The baby was, at first, so tiny, that he could fit in two palms. With the help of special facilities, doctors helped the tiny newborn breathe and eat. The baby was gradually gaining weight and growing.

Now the baby will be officially registered in the American University of Iowa as a male infant with the smallest birth weight in the world, who managed to survive. The former record holder was a boy weighing 274g. He was born in 2009, in Germany. The smallest girl in the world, weighing 252g, was also born in Germany.

There have yet been only 23 cases in the world when babies, with a weight of less than 300g, managed to survive. Four of them are boys, the rest are girls.

This is a real miracle, isn’t it?

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