“The Other Woman”: Prince Harry “hurt” Queen Camilla labeling her a “Villain” and “Dangerous”

Camilla was really upset by Harry’s portrayal of her in his book

The Coronation of King Charles is set on May 6. Obviously, the whole Royal Family will be present, including Prince Harry and his wife. On that day the prince is going to face his stepmother, Queen Camilla, who is said to be offended by Harry’s portrayal of her in his book Spare as a “villain” and “dangerous”.

As Harry mentions, he and his brother Prince William begged their father not to marry Camilla. Nonetheless, the King married the woman in 2005. Moreover, Harry alleged that Camilla leaked stories and secrets about the Prince to boost her own reputation. In his book, Harry refers to Camilla as the “other woman”.

Camilla’s close friend, Lady Lansdowne mentioned, that Camilla was really upset by Harry’s words. Lady Lansdowne is also the godmother of Camilla’s daughter. She revealed that Camilla was also disparaged in the 1990s before her marriage to the King. This negatively affected her relationship with Harry and William.

The close friends of the queen-to-be assure everyone that Camilla had never thought she would one day become the Queen, and had never been bothered by the title.

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