Teacher from an African village got $1M and the title of the “Best Teacher in the World”

Businessman Sunny Varkey created a charitable foundation in 2015 that sponsors the award in the Global Teacher Prize competition. The amount of the award in $1M, given to the best teacher in the world. In 2019, this honorary title and a huge prize was awarded to the teacher of physics and mathematics, the Franciscan monk Peter Tabichi from Kenya. The award ceremony took place in Dubai, and the one to announce the winner was actor Hugh Jackman.

Over 10 thousand applications from 179 countries were received to participate in the competition. India, Australia, the USA, Kenya, The Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Great Britain and Georgia got to the final.

Surprisingly, the winner was a small village from Africa. This school doesn’t even have the most necessary equipment, but teacher Peter Tabichi does his best for his pupils. The pupils from this poor school constantly win international scientific competitions. There are 58 pupils in this school, 1 teacher, 1 computer, and they don’t even have a school bus. The children have to walk several kilometers to come to lessons. Even when it rains.

Peter Tabichi used to work at a private school, and then he took the rank of a Franciscan monk and quit. He decided to educate the children in need of help, and came to the poorest school. Peter gives his 100% to his work, motivates and inspires the children. He teaches the children to look at things from different angles, find hobbies and favorite subjects for themselves. There are many projects in this school by the children. The teacher has taught them to be active, creative and independent. He has created several science and art clubs at school. He has created “Peace Club”. Children of different nationalities and religions have joined the club, and the teacher tells them about tolerance and patience.

Peter Tabichi is very happy for the award. He was going to buy new computers for the school, equip the science lab and will help his students realize their projects. He is a real teacher! This is not his job, but his vocation!

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