Millionaire put a disguise of a homeless man and gave an apartment to a single mother of 4 children

Olga lives in Tolyatti and works as a nursemaid in a kindergarten. A few years ago, her husband left her with 4 children. Together with her children, the woman had rented a small 1-room apartment. Olga gets 10000 rubles monthly as her salary. The rent of the apartment without utilities is 7200 rubles a month. She herself can’t understand how they live with so little money. This mother often came to the free clothing distribution aid stock. People here knew Olga and her children very well.

One day, an employee from this organization called Olga and informed that a volunteer was visiting her. He would bring free clothes and food to her. Shortly afterwards, a man with bags appeared on her doorstep.

The stranger introduced himself as a volunteer, who runs his blog on the internet. The woman thanked the man for his help. She showed him the rented apartment, introduced the man to her children and told him the story of her life.

Olga had no idea it was one of the richest men in Russia in front of her. It was Timur Lansky in her kitchen. The man has created the largest chain of Uzbek cuisine restaurants in Russia. Timur Lansky owns several dozen restaurant chains. He has invested 3-4 billion rubles in many of them.

The millionaire flew to Tolyatti at the invitation of the TV channel Friday. The TV channel producers offered the famous restaurateur to put on simple clothes, take a video camera and have a walk around the city in search of people who need help. He should introduce himself as a blogger who films videos about the lives of ordinary people in the province.

Timur Lasky visited the clothing distribution stock for needy families. The restaurateur wanted to learn about people who needed help. Here he met the woman, who told him about Olga.

This is how Timur Lansky appeared in Olga’s apartment. The woman told about her husband, who is not interested in their children at all, about domestic and financial difficulties.

“Olga, what is your dream?”, asked the guest just before leaving.

“I only dream of my children having their own corner”, replied the woman wearily.

Soon the volunteer left. The mom and her children thanked the man for his gifts. The woman didn’t suspect anything. Olga thought her guest was an ordinary blogger.

Olga’s story touched the Russian restauranteur deeply. The next day the woman got a call from the producers of the TV channel. They said, a man wanted to talk to her about the registration of her children. The meeting was scheduled in another apartment.

Timur Lansky was no longer playing the role of a volunteer or a homeless blogger. The millionaire put on expensive clothes, got into his car with two security guards and went to meet Olga.

When Olga saw yesterday’s acquaintance again, she was confused. There was a very solid man with well-built bodyguards. He was holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Hello, Olga! I’m not who I introduced myself as. In fact, I’m Timur Lansky, a millionaire”, he said. After these words, the woman and the children were even more confused. The businessman was straightforward. He took the keys out of his pocket and handed them to the woman.

“This apartment is now yours”, said the guest.

The woman couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Everything happened so suddenly. Olga became the owner of a 1000000-ruble apartment. She didn’t know how to express her gratitude to the man. The millionaire wished the woman happiness and let quickly.

Timur Lansky is a famous philanthropist. In Tolyatti he helped another needy family giving them 3000000 rubles.

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