Nurse hugged the crying baby and this story went viral on the internet.

If a child cries because it doesn’t feel good, then most of us will probably try to calm it down. After all, children at that moment really need the help of an adult.

5-year-old Slade Thompson had to often stay in hospitals for a long time. One day, when he woke up after another operation, he didn’t find his mother there. The boy called for her, but she wouldn’t come. The boy got scared and started to cry.

At this time, nurse Annie Hager turned out to be near the ward. The woman entered the ward and asked Slade why he was crying. The boy admitted he was in pain and was scared. The baby wanted somebody to hug him.

The nurse felt sorry for the little patient. She lay down next to the boy and hugged him. The boy immediately felt better and calmed down. After a while Slade’s mother came back and saw this scene.

The woman was moved by such a touching picture and took a photo of her son lying next to the nurse. Then she posted the photo on the social media, and it became popular.

When the boy was discharged from the hospital, he didn’t forget about the kind woman. Slade brought flowers for Annie and thanked the woman for her kind heart. In response, the nurse burst into tears.

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