The photo of a boy helping his father warm the newborns has taken over the internet

Some years ago, in Scandinavian maternity hospitals, a new method of nursing newborns was developed. The method was called “skin to skin” or “kangaroo”. This method shows better results than when infants stay in a cuvette.

Three years before this, a photo got popular on the internet. The photo showed a boy warming his newborn brother, which was one of the twins. The second newborn was warming up with the father.

The essence of the method is to lay down premature babies on the breast of the mother or father daily. With this method, babies are able to adapt to their surroundings more quickly. It also has a positive effect on their condition.

Stroking of the relatives, the warmth of their skin, their voice, heartbeat – all this leads to an improvement in the physical development of newborns.

Results show, that the “Kangaroo” method reduces the mortality rate of premature babies. The survival rate of babies, born with the weight of 1-1,5 kg has increased from 30% to 70%.

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