In 1914, a young man joined the army and hid his bicycle in the woods

There’s an interesting and strange story on the internet about a bicycle in a tree. Back in 1914, in Vashon island, Washington, a young man was drafted into the army and got on the fronts of WW1. He never returned home after the war.

Before leaving for war, the young man had tied his bicycle to a tree in the forest. After it became known, that its owner would not return from the battlefield, the locals decided to leave the bike there. It became a symbol of that first terrible massacre. Over time, the tree grew bigger and “devoured” the bicycle. This unusual exhibit has become a sight of the island.

However, there are several inaccuracies in this story. For instance, a resident of Vashon island could in no way be called up for service in 1914, on the fronts of the WW1. After all, the USA entered the war only 3 years after its start. And besides, such models of bicycles weren’t produced at the beginning of the last century. However, the locals have found an explanation for this.

Tourists often come to the forest where the tree with a bicycle in it grows. They are the ones who try to steal some details. And the residents of Vashon add the missing parts from their old bicycles themselves.

One of the locals claims he’s the owner of the means of transportation. He says, he left it there in 1954.Paz was a teenager then, and the bicycle was too heavy for him, so he left it in the forest.

Biologists deny both stories. Dr. Elizabeth Van Valkenberg claims, that the young spruce wouldn’t be able to lift the bicycle up by itself. Someone might have hung it on purpose, and then the tree could “hold” the alien body in its arms.

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