The bond between the older generation and their grandchildren in these emotional photos!

Not a scientific but a well-kown fact is, that in a family where there are grandparents, children grow up faster and in general have much happier childhood. And the elderly, in their turn, refuse to mope and live for their age, they are full of life and health. The reason for all this is a magical, indescribable bond that exists between representatives of two generations. And here’s what it looks like!

First meeting of a great-grandmother and her great-grandchild. They seem to like each other.

Such a smile tells a lot!

This is how the love, that can’t be put into words, is expressed!

Grandma and her grandson fell asleep after a long day in the playground.

There is 91 years of difference between them. But what’s the difference?

He’s happy, because he holds his great-great-granddaughter in his 93 years!

It’s always pleasant to sit on grandpa’s knees!

92-year-old great-grandmother had a little chance of meeting her great-granddaughter. Life ends, but life also begins.

The last minutes together

David Gilmour, a musician from Pink Floyd, with his grandson.

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