9-year-old boy collected 500 thousand bottles

He decided to collect garbage from their neighbors, and became a businessman

Plastic pollution of our planet is fraught with disaster and its scale is difficult to guess.

This guy, named Ryan Hickman, is already a businessman. He set up his business on sorting garbage. Currently he has his own waste recycling company – Ryan’s Recycling Company. Everything started when he was only 3 years old. One day, together with his father, the boy took the garbage to the sorting station. Ryan was so impressed by this process, that he decided to collect garbage from their neighbors, sort it and send to recycling. His parents, of course, supported their son in such an important matter.

When someone asks the boy why he does it, he replies: “Bottles end up in the ocean, and animals die because of it”. 6 years have passed, but Ryan hasn’t given up his noble occupation. During this time, he collected about 500 thousand bottles and earned $10K. The boy admits, he can’t even pass by a wrapper left on the road.

His dream is to earn enough money for his education, as well as for a truck to be able to collect more recyclables and send it for recycling. He wants to become a scavenger. By his act, he proved that every person, even a small, three-year-old boy can make a huge contribution to improving the ecology on our planet.

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