Third grade student saved a man lying on the ground

Maxim Wideman was playing outside with his friends, when he noticed a man lying on the sidewalk. Passers-by paid no attention to him. The boy, however, didn’t ignore the man, and so helped him.

Maxim came closer to the man and heard him groaning and asking for help. He said there was something wrong with his heart. The boy immediately called his mom, as she was an employee of the local search and rescue team. Maria, the boy’s mom, called an ambulance, but it would take them too long to arrive. So Maria began to give her son instructions.

“I realized we were running out of time, and heart is a fragile thing. I hung up on him just to call an ambulance. Then I called him back, he approached the man, put the phone on speaker and went on with my instructions”, told Maria.

Maxim did everything as his mom told him to do, and succeeded. Maria has mixed feelings. On the one hand, she’s proud of her son. On the other hand, she’s angry. “On the one hand I am really proud of my son. On the other hand, I feel outraged. After all, no one reacted while he was running and asking for help. He’s a little kid, and no one helped!”

This is one of the stories proving, that in order to do good and help people, we just need to be human…

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