11 years ago Daria married a Nigerian. And this is what her beautiful daughters look like

She chose love and is happily married now

Daria was born in St. Petersburg. The girl never thought about marriage, because she was very young. After school, Dasha entered university, and in her spare time she traveled.

But a trip to Goa sealed her fate. It was there that she met her future husband. The girl admits that she fell in love with him at first sight, and their love story was like a fairy tale.

For his sake, she decided to stay in Goa. The girl worked as a guide. They dated for 4 years, and after the lover made an offer, and Daria of course agreed. The wedding was played right on paradise Goa, where their love story began. The groom’s family came from Nigeria, and the parents accepted Dasha very warmly.

However, having chosen love, Dasha lost touch with her loved ones, her relatives turned away from her, not accepting her choice. And they still don’t have a relationship with her.

And Dasha herself has been happily married for 7 years. Her husband’s parents have become like relatives for her. During the years of marriage, the couple had three daughters. Babies are growing up to be real beauties, taking the best from their parents. Daria often posts pictures of her daughters on Instagram, where 12,000 people follow the life of the family.

In addition, the couple really dream of a boy and are waiting for their fourth child. Despite the rumors, the couple was able to create a strong and loving family.

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