“She’s heartbroken”: Vincent Cassel broke up with Tina Kunakey after 5 years of marriage

Hopefully, the divorce will not affect their daughter too much!

Several years ago, fans of French actor Vincent Cassel were upset with the news of Cassel divorcing Monica Bellucci. They were even more disappointed when it became known that Vincent staretd dating Tina Kunakey and later even married her.

But soon the fans got used to the new couple and even started rejoicing for the actor seeing how happy he was with his new wife. They seemed to be one of the strongest celebrity couples and it was impossible to destroy their marriage. However, reality is much more bitter.

On April 6, news spread on the Internet about the divorce of Cassel and Kunakey. The Daily Mail was the first to report the news.

The French actor didn’t congratulate his wife on her birthday, but he never used to do it publicly, so let’s not stick to this. It’s more remarkable that the actor has deleted all the photos of Kunakey from his social accounts, leaving only the photos of himself and his children.

Some sources report that they have been separated for a few weeks already. An insider mentioned that Tina was heartbroken, which reveals that Vincent was the one to break up with the woman. So far, there has been no official divorce.

The spouses themselves refuse to leave any comments about their marital life. But the fans are still sure that the marriage of the couple is on the verge. Tina and Vincent have not been spotted together in public or at any event.

We still have no idea what could have caused the break-up of this beautiful couple. There are people who believe these are just rumors. We only hope that Tina and Vincent will find a common language for the sake of their daughter – 4-year-old Amazonie Cassel.

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