Leonardo DiCaprio was caught kissing his 24-year-old lover

The cute forehead kiss caught on camera…

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio got caught by paparazzi at the moment when he gently kissed his girlfriend, model Camila Morrone. They have been been in a relationship for more than four years.

It’s interesting that paparazzi rarely catch the lovers together in the public. Moreover, they don’t go to social events hand in hand. And still, from time to time, they manage to be caught by paparazzi in the most intriguing moments.

This time, they were caught, when Leonardo was giving Camila a gentle forehead kiss, and then they hugged tightly.

This photos have already conquered the internet. Fans say the couple looks really heartwarming. They haven’t seen Leo being so gentle.

The couple has been together for 5 years already. The actor is older then his lover – the model from Argentina – who is 24 years old. At the same time, they don’t show their relationship  publicly, and don’t walk down the red carpet together. Sometimes, they can be caught while traveling.

Their such behavior has provoked many rumors about their relationship being unhealthy. But they are still together and, apparently, are happy.

Reminder: Overweight DiCaprio lit up on vacation with his girlfriend earlier, after the eco scandal.

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