The unusual appearance of the parents was passed on to their child

What a charming family!

Famous representative of show-business Bera Ivanishvili became popular not only thanks to his musical talent, but also thanks to his amazing appearance.

This guy is an albinos and looks very impressive. Such a unique beauty opened the doors of modeling career before him.

He signed contracts with international brands, took part in a number of fashion shows and photoshoots. Still, he didn’t give up on music.

His clips are breaking YouTube viewing records, and he gathers audiences of thousands.

Bera Ivanishvili is apparently the dream guy of many fans.

But, to their disappointment, he has already found his love. Back in 2018 he married the beautiful model Nanuka Gudavadze. And only after a year, the couple became the parents of a charming baby Beruk.

Their family photos always bring a lot of positive emotions. The couple’s followers believe, that the child of such beautiful people will also grow up a very attractive boy.

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