She looks 35 at her 61. What’s her beauty secret?

Miss Granny really looks about 30 years old!

Meet Svetlana Gass from Odessa. She looks about 35, doesn’t she? Well actually, she’s 61 years old! In fact, Svetlana is already a pensioner, however, she doesn’t believe that. And this approach actually works.

Svetlana’s life rules are simple: no TV shows or gossips with the neighbors outside. You should spend your time efficiently!

For instance, she still does sports. Svetlana likes swimming a lot. She is also engaged in yoga, Pilates, speed walking and cycling.

A healthy diet completes her physical activities. Only healthy food, and fresh cottage cheese is a must for dinner.

And this is not all. Svetlana herself considers the main secret of her beauty to be the proper lifestyle.

Se wakes up at 6 a.m., and she needs to go to bed early, as it’s important to have a proper sleep.

Another important aspect is self care. Svetlana stroke it lucky here, as she owns a beauty salon.

By the way, poor elderly women get their nails done completely free in Svetlana’s beauty salon. Because helping others is also important.

Svetlana always takes care of her health and appearance. However, she had never even thought about fashion shows, until her daughter applied for her for the Miss Granny beauty contest in Bulgaria.

Of course, Svetlana agreed not immediately. After considering the idea, she finally agreed and won the contest.

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