Keanu Reeves is often photographed with his fans but in a quite special way

It’s still a secret why he poses like that

Keanu Reeves is often approached by his numerous fans with a request for a photo with him. The Hollywood star never refuses this offer, but he always poses in a strange way.

The actor never touches our hugs people. Although his hand is behind their back, in reality, it just hangs in the air.

Fans have brought about many explanations and versions of why exactly Reeves does that.

But, perhaps, it’s better if we tell a little bit about the actor first. Keanu’s childhood was quite difficult. His father left the family when the boy was only 3 years old. As a teenager, Keanu went to conquer Los-Angeles. After facing a lot of difficulties, he still managed to achieve world fame. But even in this seemingly very successful and prosperous life, misfortunes awaited him: his newborn daughter died, then his wife passed away. His best friend left him…

From other Hollywood stars Reeves stands out for his honesty, integrity, good nature, as well as his modest and even somewhat reclusive lifestyle.

And still, why does he avoid touching those who want to take pictures with him? Some people talk about squeamishness, but this trait is completely not characteristic of the simple and good-natured Reeves.

Others believe that this is how he wants to avoid false accusations of sexism, harassment and anti–feminism: if there is no physical contact, then there are no reasons for possible scandals and lawsuits.

Some others are sure, that Reeve’s detached behavior talks about his 100% gentlemanliness.

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