Time takes its toll: celebrities who have lost their former beauty

Nothing in this world can resist aging!

We are used to celebrities looking perfect anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, it seems that they have the opportunity to remain beautiful all the time. However, in practice, not all celebrities have managed to maintain their attractive appearance.

The reasons for radical changes in appearance can be different, an unhealthy lifestyle or the genetics. Whatever it is, the irresistibility of some stars is left in the past.

Rob Kardashian

Brendan Fraser


Meg Ryan

Melanie Griffith

Kate Moss

John Travolta

Anastasia Volochkova

Donatella Versace

Mickey Rourke

Mariah Carey

Kathleen Turner

Vince Vaughn

Matthew Perry

Linda Evangelista

Jack Nicholson

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Simpson

Haley Joel Osment

Amanda Bynes

As you can see, no world wealth is able to resist the merciless influence of age

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