Photo of a stranger with a kitten in the subway restored faith in humanity

Railcar, gloomy evening, a stranger and…a gray spot on bright plaid…

The world is what it is, and right now it’s not the brightest for many people. Therefore, incidents, like the one that happened to Gillian Rogers from New York, deserve special attention. As she tells, instead of just getting out of the railcar, she literally hovered in the air from emotional outburst. And what was it that she had seen?

Railcar, gloomy evening, a stranger and…a gray spot on bright plaid…

It was a kitten…a starving kitten! The man carefully wrapped the baby in a blanket and was carefully feeding it from a bottle. A sight that you expect the least to see in the subway of a large and indifferent city.

Rogers couldn’t resist, so she approached him and started to talk. The man said, he had found the kitten in the alley between buildings on his way back home. It was already quite cold in the street, and the animal was still crying from hunger and fear. The man made a snap decision: he realized he had to feed and warm up the kitten. And he did his best with no previous experience. Rogers, being a founder of an animal shelter, was very moved by the scene.

And here the train reached her station and she had to go. She couldn’t even ask the stranger’s name.

And such actions are the ones to restore the faith that all is not lost yet, that there is still a lot of kindness and mercy in this world.

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