3-year-old quintuplets: how are they doing now?

Four sons and an adorable daughter at once

In 2017 spouses Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov had 5 children at once. Everyone thought the babies were going to be four, but in the end, 5 of them were born. This didn’t upset the young parents in any way: the more, the better.

The couple wanted to have children for a really long time, but there were always some problems. Anastasia blamed herself for that. Each pregnancy ended with a miscarriage.

In 2016, Anastasia told her husband she was pregnant again. However, they didn’t rush to celebrate it and tell everyone beforehand.

During the first ultrasonography, doctors informed the couple they were going to have triplets. The second ultrasonography showed 4 babies. In the end, five babies were born. This was a surprise for all doctors. There were four boys and a girl.

3 years have passed after the quintuplets were born. Now the family lives in their own house. They have many relatives and everyone has helped them to build the house and bring everything necessary for a comfortable life. It’s a two-storey building, with a basement and a garage.

There is a garden behind the house, where Nastya and Sasha grow vegetables. It’s so good to grow vegetables yourself, isn’t it? The head of the family has made his own carpentry workshop, and his sons – Ignat, Savelyi, Maxim and Matvey – do their best to help him.

Raisa – the girl – is always with her mother. She is very obedient and calm, unlike her four brother-bullies. The parents say they are never bored!

In order to cope with this small gang, Anastasia and Alexander follow a strict daily routine and teach the kids discipline. The kids have already started their early life with a schedule.

Currently, only Alexander is working from the family. Nastya isn’t going to work yet, as she has enough chores and worries at home. Parenting, cooking, laundry, cleaning and also the garden. The parents are already fed up with the question “How do you manage to do all these things?”. Their reply is: “The same way as everyone else!”

The father of the family helps his wife with the dinner after work, or spends some time with the children. Grandparents also help them whenever asked. It’s important to have love and happiness in the family.

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