Perseverance rover sent new photos from the surface of the Red planet to Earth

The rover explores the Red planet and looks for traces of life there.

The Perseverance rover, developed by NASA, has sent new photos to Earth, taken on Wednesday, March 3, on Mars.

The latest images were published on the website of the American Space Agency. It should be reminded, that the spacecraft successfully landed on Mars on February 18, 2021.

The rover explores the climate of the Red planet and collects samples of Martian rocks. It also looks for traces of life.

The photos were taken by Perseverance with the help of two, right and left, navigation cameras (Navcam). They are placed high on the mast of the rover and help it move, as NASA mentioned.

Half of the photos are in black and white, others are colored. In the pictures you can see the surface of the planet, and the spacecraft itself.

As informed earlier:

  • The rover Perseverance, after more than 6 months of flight (Feb 18), has finally landed on Mars.
  • Right after the landing, the rover sent the first photos taken on the surface to Earth.
  • Soon, NASA posted the first colored photos from Mars and the first ever video of the entire landing operation of the rover.
  • A photo of a “column of smoke” on Mars that happened after the Perseverance landing, also appeared on the network.
  • NASA invited everyone to take a photo on Mars. Also published a huge panorama of the planet.
  • Addition: the first photo of the surface of Mars was also taken by the Automatic Station Al Amal (UAE)
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