Elena from Poland went to Nigeria and had 4 daughters from an African man.

How is she doing in a foreign culture?

Izeala spouses live in Nigeria and are raising 4 wonderful daughters. They are an example of how love and mutual support help to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Today, Elena and Don are quite successful people, have a stable income. They both have their own cars and can afford high quality education for their children. When the woman married, she never planned to move to the “Black Continent”.

Her husband ran his own business in her native Poland. He was one of the best graduates of the master’s program, and just a handsome and funny guy. Their eldest daughter was born in Warsaw, and after a few months, their business failed. The spouses decided to try their luck in he husband’s homeland with the help of his relatives. Don transferred the savings and funds from the sale of equipment to his parents to invest in a new business. However, as it turned out, all the investments were unsuccessful.

Elena recalls her first trip with a newborn baby with horror – an hour-long flight, a difficult journey that took almost a day to her husband’s parents and a beggarly life in a huge estate. She understood, she didn’t have enough money for a return ticket, so she decided to get used to the local community for her husband and their little daughter.

At first, she, a certified English teacher, had to learn how to cook over a campfire, wash without a dishwasher, and resist local diseases. The husband’s family didn’t believe she could handle it, and even started to look for a local bride for their son. Don, however, was a loyal husband. He was determined to find a way out and worked hard to ensure his family’s future.

Despite the skepticism of the local doctors, Elena was able to give birth to healthy children. However, she gave birth to her next two daughters in Warsaw. Her relatives also persuaded her to stay in her homeland, but she was loyal to her husband too, and returned to him.

After 17 years of marriage, having overcome all the difficulties of the first years in a foreign culture, she found her place in Africa and fully appreciated her husband. Together they overcame all the obvious and non-obvious obstacles on their way to family happiness. Today, Lena runs her own blog about the peculiarities of African lifestyle. She is developing her own online business, selling essential oils.

She knows how difficult and expensive it is to study in Africa, and one day, she decided to combine her passion with arts patronage and opened a ballet school. Currently, she is practicing and teaching choreography to local children with pleasure.

The family spends winter holidays in Poland with the wife’s relatives. Their daughters are excellent at English and Polish.

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