White shorts and a stylish shirt: 68-year-old Christie Brinkley amazed everyone in New York with her look

Christie Brinkley managed to keep fit in her 60s.

Brinkley is one of the women, whom people ironically call “witches”. She has already celebrated her 68th birthday and still looks amazingly attractive.

In appearance, Christie is young and well-groomed. Her figure is so perfect, that even young girls are jealous of her divine appearance. Does she really have beauty secrets?
The first weekend of July, Christie spent in the Hamptons. As always, the famous model and actress was bright and smiled a lot. She was wearing white mini sorts, a stylish shirt, a hat and was holding a bag to finalize the look.
Her age doesn’t hold her back from having such a well-groomed and attractive figure, and these photos are a proof to that.
And how does she maintain her figure?
She doesn’t keep her beauty hacks a secret. She is actively doing sports, has a healthy diet and always smiles.
What do you think about her?
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