Al Pacino: “My mom left this world before I achieved success…”

…It’s all so simple, isn’t it? But we are so forgetful…

“My mother passed away before I achieved success. I remember, I was 10 years old.

Our flat was on the top floor.

It was insanely cold. From the alley down below, I heard my friends calling me out to wander along the streets. And my mom didn’t let me go. I got terribly angry and was screaming at her aggressively.

She would bear all my reproaches, and thereby saved my life. You know, all the guys, that were calling me out that day, are no more. She didn’t want me to wander outside late. Instead, she wanted me to do my homework. And it’s only thanks to her, that I am now sitting here and talking to you.

It’s all so simple, isn’t it? But we are so forgetful…”

Al Pacino

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