Victoria Beckham has been eating the same dish for dinner for 25 years.

Would you follow Victoria’s routine to keep fit?

Businesswoman and the ex-vocalist of “Spice Girls” Victoria Beckham is turning 48 this year. But even those who are younger than the woman might envy her figure. We have decided to figure out how she manages to keep such a wonderful figure.

Beckham’s secret is that she follows her strict diet and physical activities. Victoria herself doesn’t talk about how she has achieved such slimness, but her husband, footballer David Beckham, told about her daily routine.

Victoria wakes up early in the morning and immediately goes to the gym and does exercises. During the day, a sports workout awaits her, sometimes including swimming in the pool, yoga or cardio exercises in the form of jogging.

Other limits concern the dishes. David just loves to cook, but his wife eats not all his dishes. She’s especially strict about dinners. For already 25 years, Victoria has been eating only steamed fish with vegetables for dinner. No matter how her family offers “temptations” in the form of burgers, she sticks with her diet.

With a slight bitterness, David admitted in an interview: “The only time she took something from my plate, was the time she was pregnant with Harper. That was surprising. Till today, it is one of my favorite evenings”.

For a long time, just like a mantra, Victoria has been repeating that she cannot perceive food as a source of pleasure, only as something that gives her energy for various activities. At the same time she doesn’t refuse, that at some point she used to easily eat some junk food in order to reconsider her views about things.

Of course, not everyone finds Victoria’s such approach a correct one. She has been suspected of eating disorders more than once. But it is this strict attitude towards herself that allows a woman to maintain a perfect figure.

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