“I won’t kick him out!”: Bus driver noticed a frozen shaggy passenger on the seat…

Let’s be a little bit kinder to our little four-legged friends!

Let’s imagine a dog getting into a public transportation. The animal was cold and sat down on one of the empty passenger seats. Now think about the reaction of the driver and other people to this!

Most probably, most passengers will be against a dog on the bus…but there are also those, that care about animals, and would never kick a pet out.

The bus driver named Christian from Chile is one of those kind-hearted people. Recently, a shivering dog had sneaked into his bus. The pet wanted to get warm so much, it found an empty passenger seat and quietly lied down there. The dog had nowhere else to cover from the cold, and the bus was his only help…

Christian didn’t kick the dog out and let him stay on the bus as much as it needed. At first the man thought the dog had an owner – maybe one of his passengers. But after a while it turned out that it was a stray dog. When the driver got to the terminal, he saw that the dog was still sitting in the cabin.

“I love animals with all my heart, so I’m not going to kick the dog out of my bus. It’s too cold outside! I don’t care if people say the pet might get the seats dirty. Some passengers are more noisy and clumsy, and the dog is sitting very still, enjoying his ride!”, says Christian.

The man did not drop the dog off at the final stop, because it was too far from the place where the pet had got on. Christian was worried that the animal would be uncomfortable in unknown to him places or would just get lost.

So the dog slept right there on the bus…

It would seem that this act does not require any special effort from a person, but not everyone will do what Christian did.…

Let’s be a little bit kinder to our little friends!

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