Nose and lips for millions of dollars: Demi Moore, Cher and other celebrities with the most expensive plastic surgeries

Do you like their appearance before of after the plastic surgeries?

Everyone knows that celebrities spend fabulous sums to preserve youth and beauty. Some of them are boasting about having undergone the surgery, and others try to keep it a secret. But it’s one thing to fix minor appearance flaws (scars, age spots, etc.) and quite another to completely reshape yourself. Who is the one that didn’t spare the most incredible sums for plastic surgery?

Blake Lively

$7,5 thousand

The star from the movie The Age of Adaline Blake Lively categorically refuses to admit that she has had any cosmetic procedures. But experts are sure she has undergone several minor interventions to her appearance. Most probably, she has undergone rhinoplasty and eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). And regardless of whether she changed her appearance or not, Blake looks great!

Megan Fox

$8 thousand

Megan Fox has always been famous for her beauty and “hot” images. She has starred in films such as Transformers and Jennifer’s Body. But the star herself was, apparently, dissatisfied with her reflection in the mirror. So she visited a plastic surgeon. She had rhinoplasty (they shortened the tip of her nose, even though it was charming before that), breast augmentation (and brags about it at every convenient and inconvenient occasion), cheek implants, buccal fat extraction and lip filler.

Donatella Versace

$25 thousand

Donatella Versace is a fashion icon. The fortune of the founder of the fashion company Versace is $200M. It’s not surprising, that she spends impressive amounts of money on maintaining her young appearance (although many are sure that the brilliant fashion designer has achieved the opposite result). Donatella has spent not less than $25 thousand on Botox, laser and fillers.

Mickey Rourke

$36 thousand

Mickey Rourke, unlike his celebrity colleagues, did numerous plastic surgeries not of his own free will, but out of necessity. For many years, he was engaged in boxing and wrestling. In the battles, his face, which once attracted fans, was significantly damaged.

Mickey has undergone plastic surgeries more than once, but some operations needed to be redone. As a result of numerous interventions, there is no trace of Rourke’s former appearance. The actor admits, it’s hard for him to look in the mirror. But even despite the disfigured face, he still receives offers to act. Several films with his play will be released soon.

Pete Burns

$38 thousand

Pete Burns was one of the brightest singers in the 1980s. He became famous as the lead singer of the band Dead or Alive after the release of the single You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and its video.

Pete’s appearance was always unique. Before his fame, he used to work in a barber shop, where he met his wife. They both experimented with hairstyles and makeup.

But over time, Burns began to mimic as a woman. At the same time, he was claiming to be a man, refusing to talk about his addictions in personal life. In a word, he noticeably reshaped himself.

The singer lived for 56 years: he died of cardiac arrest in October, 2016. The body couldn’t stand the several experiments on itself.

Tom Jones

$46 thousand

81-year-old Tom Jones is one of the most famous British singers of the 20th century. He’s famous with such hit songs, as She’s a Lady, Sex Bomb and many others. Besides, he was a successful TV show host.

His career lasted more than half a century. And it’s logical, that Sir Tom Jones longs to stay young (as long as possible) and attractive. If you look at his old photos, at the pictures of the period of the first transformations and the current ones, you might think that these are different people. And on all the plastic surgeries he has spent huge amounts of money.

Rumer Willis

$100 thousand

Rumer Willis is the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Many fans of the actors are sure that nature has not rewarded all three children of this Hollywood couple with the same attractiveness and charisma that their parents have. But in the modern world, such flaws are fixed by plastic surgery.

Rumer (or maybe her parents) has spent not less than $100 thousand on her transformation. Willis has undergone chin reshaping, making her face look more elegant and neat, rhinoplasty and lip filler.


$750 thousand

The 75-year-old singer and actress is just as worried about her appearance as she was 40 years ago. Cher still appears in her shows in the most revealing outfits. And her costumes allow you to see that there are no folds on the celebrity’s body.

No wonder for this: Cher has undergone dozens of surgeries from blepharoplasty to hip dips surgery. And she has never regretted any of these plastic surgeries.

Kris Jenner

$1 million

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kris Jenner, is known for her passion for plastic surgery (just like her famous daughters). Plastic surgeons help the reality TV celebrity maintain her beauty at 65 and look much younger her age. She has undergone breast surgery, rhinoplasty, facelift, Botox procedures, also numerous dental interventions.

Demi Moore

$4 million

Of all the celebrities mentioned today, Demi Moore spent the largest amount on her transformation – 4 million dollars! But she could easily afford it, since her income from films is many times more. The actress does not hide that she cannot come to terms with her age and the whole aging process, so she prolongs youth in all possible ways. She has had breast augmentation, facelift, Botox and cheek implants. Still, after the operations, she looks great, even if slightly different from her former self.

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