14 people, whose names are known all over the world, but few have seen them

How many of them have you seen before?

If you are not interested in fashion, then for sure, while walking around large shopping malls, you have noticed such store names as Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger. But only a few people know what these famous fashion designers look like. And sometimes it’s a big surprise that they don’t look as fashionable as people who wear their clothes.

Marc Jacobs, 59y/o

Christian Louboutin, 59y/o

Michael Kors, 62y/o

Tommy Hilfiger, 71y/o

Christian Lacroix, 71y/o

Miuccia Prada, 73

Jimmy Choo, 73

Calvin Klein, 79

Manolo Blahnik, 79

Roberto Cavalli, 81

Kenzō Takada, 81

Luciano Benetton, 87

Paco Rabanne, 88

Pierre Cardin, 98

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